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Phil Baker
404 Ridgeview Drive
Piedmont, MO 63957 -1611
Phone (573) 561-6408-Cell
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subbul1a.gif (1043 bytes) End frustrating trips to an empty mailbox!!

The Flipper In The Down Position


subbul1a.gif (1043 bytes) See at a glance when new mail has arrived (Especially in bad weather).
subbul1a.gif (1043 bytes) The bright yellow, rust-free aluminum flag flips up when the mail carrier opens the mailbox....and stays up until you reset it.
subbul1a.gif (1043 bytes) Lets you instantly know when your mail has been delivered...or outgoing mail has been picked up.

The Flipper In The Up Position


subbul1a.gif (1043 bytes) Attaches easily to any standard mailbox.
subbul1a.gif (1043 bytes) Mounting hardware included
subbul1a.gif (1043 bytes) USPS approved.

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The Flipper Mailbox Signal


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Phil Baker
404 Ridgeview Drive
Piedmont, MO 63957-1611

(573) 561-6408 Cell

(573) 223-7265 Home

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Thank You for taking the time to look at my product.

The idea for the "Flipper" came about when my wife asked me to come up with something that would tell her when mail was in and out.   After a lot of thought, a few worn down pencils, a little luck, and a few junk drawers in the workshop (with everything in them but the kitchen sink), I struck upon the creation you see before you.

The idea was well received by everyone!  They suggested that I market my invention.  So, after receiving my patent, I'm doing just that.   I hope my invention will help make your life a little easier.

Phil Baker




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